Case study
Roof Project

1. Pre-Development of Project

1)  Communicate with roof owner in advance for project development.

Estimate the size of power plant, and simulate power plant revenue.

2)  The investor must confirm whether the roof loading capacity is strong enough or not based on the information provided by roof owner.

*Electric bills of roof owner for past 12 months

*Roof structure chart andplan drawings

*Transformer capacity and power distribution drawings of roof owners factory.

2. Sign Energy management contract with the roof owner.

3. Project Approval

Submit project information to local authority for approval and get permits for grid-connection.

4. Project Construction

The construction will not affect the normal production of factory.Only in the last month of construction, one day of power outage is needed for grid-connection of the electrical cabinet. Roof owner should cooperate on this.

5. Project Acceptance Inspection

Power grid company grid-connection acceptance inspection + group company project acceptance inspection.


Distributed PV Project Grid Connection Process

1. Project owner make application for grid-connection and present related documents to local grid company for the record.

Local grid company accept the application and make grid-connection proposal.

Project owner confirm the grid-connection proposal, make adjustment and make application again based on actual situation.

2. Power grid company issued a letter of suggestions for grid connection.

3. Project Owner get project approval and start construction.

4. After the completion of construction, project owner applies for grid connection and commissioning.

5. Power Grid Company accept the grid connection and commissioning applications, and install energy metering device (change original meter into two-directional meter)

6. Power grid company inspect and accept grid connection and commissioning, and sign the contract of buying electricity and agreement of grid connection dispatchwith the project owner.

7. Officially grid connected.

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