Case study
Ground Project

1. Determine the construction site; Obtain the relevant permits for land use; Sign PPA agreement

2. Provide red line map, do geological survey, and contact local power grid company for requirements about grid-connectionCollect local meteorological and solar irradiance data.

3. PV power plant design

4. Present power plant design program to project owner for check and evaluation.

5. Sign construction contract of solar power plant with project owner.

6. Prepare for the construction of power plant according to project design.

1) Source construction materials (including materials to be processed, such as cabinets)

2) Keep in touch with local power gridcompany until grid connection is finished.

3) Sign material procurement contract (including the contract for materials which need to be processed)

4) Civil construction

7. Procurementof materials.

8. Check all materials procured or processed.

9. Project Construction

1) Start construction and installation of mounting racks and PV modules (including internal connection)

2) Check construction quality

3) Start the installation of inverter, cables, power distribution cabinets and other electrical installation.

10. Inform power gridcompany (make reservation 2 to 3 days in advance)

11. Connect cables from PV modules to inverters

12. Connect cables from inverters to grid-connection cabinet(cut off grid connection)

13. Checkthe entire project

14. Switch on and start power transmission(staff of the power grid company should be at presence.)

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