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China Jiangsu International Group Ltd. develops and sells high-quality patented mounting systems for not only all common solar systems for commercial, industrial and private use, but also for applications under harsh environments like on islands or along seaside.

What types of solar mounting systems do we design and supply?

  • Ground mounting system
  • Flat roof mounting system
  • Pitched metal roof mounting system
  • Pitched residential roof mounting system

What advantages can you benefit from our solar mounting systems?          

We have independent third parties confirm the quality of our products by means of extensive tests. We thus provide you with a warranty of reliable products for long lasting PV mounting racks systems.

Proven components - Our mounting system has been proven in years of practice and in UL Lab testing. The components are exclusively manufactured of high-quality special metal alloy coating on steel, and are also suitable for locations with high wind speed and heavy snow loads along seaside.

Best Stability and Safety - The solar mounting system is designed for wind speed and snow loads, calculated with extraordinary efficiency using our internal designing software, thus ensuring optimal design and best quality even in extreme weather conditions. Stability and static calculation are based on each specific project requirements at local conditions. Each module is secured against slipping with the mounting system.

Durability and Quality - We guarantee the highest quality for each component of the solar mounting system. From each individual raw material to finished components, it has to be carefully checked and assured without any defects! All components are strictly tested under salt-spray environments for anti-corrosion effects. Certified manufacturing process according to ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Adhesion and Smooth Surface C Our hot dip galvanized zinc coating steel has much better smooth surface and strong adhesion force than conventional coating methods.

Warranty - Its a matter of course for us that solar mounting system must withstand the most adverse weather conditions over a number of years. We therefore grant our clients a 25-year warranty for all profiles and accessories manufactured carry a solid warranty of 25 years from the date of delivery.

Quick and Easy C We provide pre-assembled components to our clients; the fast and cost-effective installation comes true; the tiresome screwing on project sites is completely not a matter anymore for using our mounting systems.

Foldable and light C The main beams of the solar mounting system are foldable design, which is ideal for economical and efficient transportation to the construction site, and easy to move manually at project sites.

Training - If youre interested, we can provide you with numerous product trainings, so that you are more confident with our excellent quality of solar mounting racks system.

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